PAISAR S.A.S (San Lázaro Art Hotel) condemns all forms of sexual exploitation of children and supports all legal actions to prevent and punish these crimes. This is why we ask our clients and suppliers to reject activities that promote participation in the sexual exploitation of children and we invite them to report on all cases of sexual exploitation of children that they become aware of.

In addition, we recognize that sexual exploitation of children is a global problem. To combat the problem we are adopting the following measures:

A) Obvious cases of sex trade with children will be reported to the local police.

B) Introduce a clause in contracts with suppliers, which expresses the common rejection of the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

C) The company shall strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations with respect to the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children, including the prevention of the use of its services for such exploitation.

D) Support the National Government and in the development of tourist policies and protection of children, in order to disseminate information to users on the existence of legislation against the sexual exploitation of minors.

(E) To combat, prohibit and refuse to allow company staff, contractors and suppliers to distribute pornographic material to minors during their business hours through the use of company facilities, including computer networks .


Erika Janna.